Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Up? - Article

Hello one and all. I thought I'd take a minute this week and catch you up on what's going on with my various works. I have a lot of different work and endeavors going on for 2011, and I hope all of you will come along for the ride with me.

My novel, "Area 187; Almost Hell" is (finally) in the final editing stages and I hope to have a release date before the end of the month. There is some talk about possibly combining "Area 187; Almost Hell" and it's second part, "Area 187; Almost Home" back into one single book as it was originally conceived. This would make it a rather large book, though, so there are pros and cons to both methods. The book is being published by The Library of the Living Dead Press, with painted cover art by Laura Conkle and edited by Felicia Tiller.

I've been working on an audio anthology containing 6-7 short stories to be released either at the same time as the novel or shortly thereafter. Most of the tales are previously unreleased/unpublished works, and I have a variety of podcasters, authors and other talented people doing the voice acting. These will be full audio drama productions and not just dry readings. They will also be offered as 100% free downloads. Keep watching here for release dates.

I am in the process of putting together another anthology, this one containing all zombie stories and tentatively titled "The Dead Do Tell Tales". This project will mark my first foray into e-book self-publishing. Stick with me and let's see what all this new-fangled e-book stuff is all about.

I recently did my first-ever interview as an author with Fearshop Mike over at Hop on over to Wicked Channel and have a look for yourself.

I've been quite active with genre movie reviews over at Root Rot's Witch's Hat blog. Make sure you pop in and check out my reviews along with all the other reviewers and good stuff Mr. Rot has over there. I'm also a regular audio contributor to The Witch's Hat Blogcast, the audio companion to The Witch's Hat blog, so if you want to hear me whisper sweet nothings in your ears about genre films make sure you give 'em a listen. Oh, and if there's a movie you'd like me to review for the show, make sure you head over to The Witch's Hat forum over at Killer Reviews and let me know what you want to hear.

And finally you can also see my guest movie review for my good friend across the pond, Jonny T, at Jonny's Cult Films. This is another great horror blog with a companion blogcast, and if you like hearing Brits get drunk and rip apart movies then you've found a new home.

Well, that's enough for now. I'll be back next week with more new fiction. So, until then, see ya, kids.

Oh, yeah... just write, damn it.

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