Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Area 187 News and a Bunch of Other Shit

Hello again, Constant Reader. I know, I know… I've been neglecting you and for that you have a thousand apologies. Things have been a bit busy for the old biguglyhairyscary and I promise there's more good stuff to come. The biggest news, and the biggest drain on my time, is that my novel, "Area 187; Almost Hell" is doing very well over at that Amazon thing. Just about 1000 copies have already shambled their way onto Kindles and into mailboxes around the world, and as I write this the book has stayed on the top 100 paid Kindle Horror genre (print and electronic) lists for the 4th straight week without falling off. I know this may not seem like much to some, but it certainly makes me feel pretty damn good to have a book so large (600+ pages print, 230,000+ words) and from a "1st time" novelist reach this level with virtually no real (read "paid") promotion and carrying a Kindle price of $4.99 and paperback $18.00. Even though there are many, many, many much cheaper and smaller works in the horror genre (remember, I'm up against literally thousands of $0.99 books, here) not to mention in any genre, sales have been steadily climbing since its release in June and it's been getting great reviews on Amazon as well as from other genre reviewers. If you haven't checked it out yet, maybe it's time you did. Here are some links to check out a free preview, read the reviews and buy the book. It's primarily available through Amazon, and I haven't forgotten my more worldly friends. Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK and probably a few other Amazon markets and 3rd party book clubs I haven't stumbled upon yet carry it, too.


There are 12 total reviews on Amazon for the book; 10 5-star, 1 4-star and 1 2-star (and that one was from a reader that admits he only read the prolog). Check them out here.

You can also get the limey (1 5-star and 1 4-star) reviews at Amazon UK.

Living Dead Media also has a review up for the book.

While not a review (though he does give his $0.02 in an Amazon review), you can find an interview with me conducted by Author / Blogger / Podcaster Keith Latch over at his site. The good folks over at Wicked Channel, a site, also did an interview with me some time ago. You can check that one out here as well.

Free preview;

I've set up a youtube channel where you can hear a full-production audio drama of the entire prolog. A free preview and you don't even have to turn a page or read or nuthin. Check it out. You can also read a synopsis at Amazon, where you can also use the "Look Inside" feature for a random selection.

The book is listed on where you can also read a long sample and try before you buy.

Where to get it;

Amazon, of course (UK too). As I said, it's also listed on BookDaily as well as Goodreads, Twisted Press (publisher's website, aka "The Library of the Living Dead"), GetGlue, Zombiefun and many other places. It's a really real book with pages and a cover and its own ISBN number and everything, so you can also get it through the Ingram catalog from most brick-and-mortar stores as well. Hurry before they all shut down. My publisher, Twisted Press, is also developing a version for Smashwords that will support e-reader and Nook. I will announce availability as soon as I get confirmation.

Swag and other stuff;

I've opened a storefront on Café Press where you can get t-shirts, mugs, shot glasses, totes, bags and a bunch of other "Area 187" stuff. If you liked the book, show the world. It'll be like having coffee with me every morning and a tankard of your favorite beverage with me every night…

If you have read the book, you have my thanks and I hope it was everything you wanted in a zombie survival novel. If you haven't read the book and you like what you see on my blog, you really should check it out. I firmly believe it's my best work to date and there are more than a few others who agree. Also, if you've read the book in either Kindle or paper and would like it signed but don't think you'll get the chance (or don't want me writing all over your Kindle), I have special postcards suitable for display that I will gladly sign and mail to you if you like. Drop me a line at ericrlowther (at) yahoo, and don't worry, I'll delete the address as soon as I mail it unless I find you really stalkable.

Other stuff;

Even I get tired of pimping "Area 187; Almost Hell" (available in paper and Kindle at Amazon), so let's talk about some other stuff.

I'm in the final stages of getting the cover together for my first foray into self-publishing with my forthcoming 1-author anthology "The Dead Tell Tales". This will contain eight zombie short stories (with one possibly hitting novella length) and will be available on Smashwords. I hope to have this one out in time for Halloween buying, and while it won't be free it'll still be a steal.

I am still working on a free audio anthology of 7-8 short stories of the not-zombie variety that will help launch my new website (yes, I'm finally doing something with the damn domain name I bought years ago). I hope to have the fully-produced audio dramas available by Halloween as well. Did I mention they'll be completely free? It will also be a bit of a concept piece in that I'm recruiting podcasters/authors to record various characters. I already have a few confirmed but if you're a podcaster or a podcaster/author and want to get in on this project drop me a line at the e-mail address above. I will be attaching promos for the shows to all who participate, so you get in on a fun project that will surely attract podcast listeners to hear their favorites play character roles and introduce listeners to different podcasts and hosts.

Of course, you can still read and hear my genre movie reviews over at The Witch's Hat blog and blogcasts operated by the venerable pod-father, Root Rot. I'm also producing stand-alone segments on an infrequent basis for Joanie Loves The Witch's Hat where I conduct audio interviews with directors, authors and other artists from the various horror-related genres. It's a great blog and a fun set of shows, so I hope you check them out.

I'll be producing more short fiction free for the reading here on the blog in the coming months, as well as starting another book from the world of Area 187, so make sure you stay tuned for more. I'm also looking for other un-published or under-published authors to sit in right here on my blog with some free short fiction. If you're so inclined, drop me a line and show me what you've got. I should also tell you to check out the great line of books from my publisher, Twisted Library Press, with separate imprints for all your horror and fantasy needs as well as the blog and forums you'll find there. So, until next time Constant Reader, just write, damn it.


  1. haha - i like your profile description - and may your life's work NOT be wasted!

    Congrats on those sales too. I've been helping Todd to promote the re-release of his upcoming book so I know how hard promotion can be - extra kudos to you for writing a book AND doing your own promo - thankless job, eh? Give yourself a pat!

  2. Area 187 is, unequivocally, my "new" favorite Zombie book. I had previously ranked as the top books in the genre: The Day By Day Armageddon series, LZR-1143 series and the Zombie Fallout series. Your book is now the King of Z! Please write others!!

  3. Thanks, Diana! Have no fear (or, maybe, some fear...). There are a lot of shambling things that will be rolling out of my mind and onto the page this year, both in Area 187 and from a few other places. Keep watching the blog, I'll be releasing a few exciting announcements about my writing, with a few guest authors popping on here to boot.

  4. Outstanding writing, Mr. Lowther. Enjoyed your characters development and crisp yet flowing dialogue. Your style reminds me of Craig Delouie, one of my favorite genre authors. Pleased and excited to hear of a 187 follow-up. Release date ?

    1. The sequel is in the works as we speak, Ernie! I hope to have it out somewhere before the end of summer. Glad you enjoyed the book, and keep watching here for more info on upcoming projects.

  5. The characters are so well developed and I have to admit i'm in love with John Heath! It's the best ever, can hardly wait for the sequel!

  6. I love heath as well, i also love williams hahah, Williams-"Who was your favorite" Julie-"What the fuck are you talking about?!" Williams-"Your favorite Muppet?" hahah best line ever

  7. What's up with the sequel? Loved Area 187, and look forward to such.

    1. I hope to have the next Area 187 novel, "Area 187; Almost Home" out by the end of the year. Until then, I have a zombie short story collection coming out in the next few weeks from the good folks at Twisted Library Press entitled, "The Dead Tell Tales". All of the short stories and novellas are zombie themed, with one of them being the prolog to the next book and another a special look back into the Area that shows how John Heath and Jasper Connelly first met.